59 depressing responses to Jessica Hopper’s tweet about sexism in music

And they're still coming

On the 24th of August, Pitchfork Senior Editor Jessica Hopper tweeted this:

Three days later, the answers are still coming in. There are so many. And they make for truly depressing reading – or, as we prefer to think of it, extra-strength rocket fuel for our ambition. Because fuck these guys.

So here it, folks: the state of the music industry told in 59 tweets.

1. I went to university for this?

2. Good riddance

3. Justice

4. Your princess is in another castle

5. They definitely say this about male artists

6. Really? REALLY?

7. How considerate

8. No offence, but…

9. Hands OFF

10. What did you just say?

11. Straight outta Twatsville

(Full story here)

12. You can’t win, part 1

13. You can’t win, part 2

14. That’s the way it works, right?

15. Funny how no one says this about white people stories

16. “Honey”

17. Dear lord

18. Justice, part 2

19. So blonde men don’t get work either?

20. *Rolleyes*

21. You cannot be serious

22. Consider this

23. #LikeAGirl

24. Not sure if creeping or just insulting

25. I h8 U, job plz

26. “I’d like to thank the woman who did the actual work”

27. The only member ’round here is you, sunshine

28. Look at the stage, kthx

29. He’d probably say it was a “compliment”

30. I think you’ll find…

31. Thanks, data protection

32. You can’t win… again

33. Nah, no thanks

34. What does that sound like, then?

35. No correlation

36. Patience of a saint

37. “Memorable” is one way of putting it

38. Always?

39. Just carrying it for fun

40. There are no words

41. Poor babies

42. That’d be me

43. Thanks for your help, mate

44. Might not bother, then

45. That last sentence…

46. Hand it over

47. Whose banjo is it anyway?

48. Thanks so much

49. He’s not that good a journalist, actually

50. Ughh

51. Nope

52. Ahahaha, no.

53. Mansplaining, the live show

54. Wow.

55. This changes everything

56. No one should have to deal with this

57. Nah, you’re alright

58. That ‘fuckability’ thing again

59. This sums up the entire attitude.

And for anyone who thinks this stuff doesn’t keep women and marginalised groups out of the industry:

So what can you do to help? Well, as we recently saw with sexual assaults on public transport, speaking up is vital. As Baxter Holland says:

Hear that, guys? You too.

Jessica perfectly sums up how we feel about this:

She’s still retweeting stories on her Twitter page – head there if you want a true picture of how big this problem is.

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