Feeling thirsty? Now you can text for wine

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Anyone know the postcode for the sofa?

Maybe you’re daydreaming about dry Riesling, but you don’t want to get caught perusing your favourite wine website at work (again). Or perhaps you want to pair Saturday’s steak with a lovely cabernet sauvignon, but you’re stuck in meetings all week and are well aware that the wine cellar’s unstocked.

Well, Naked Wines has you covered.

The online wine retailer has just launched a new service that allows its customers to order plonk in a single, simple text.

“Text for Wine” is the first service of its kind, and will let customers be as vague or specific as they like when placing their order – useful for those of us who have no clue what we’re talking about.


Users will be able to select a specific wine, or simply choose the type of grape they’d like to enjoy; they can also specify the occasion or a price range and Naked will hand-pick the case and deliver it to them.

“We’re extremely proud to launch our “Text for Wine” service, which gives our customers a new, fast and simple way of ordering their favourite wines,” said Naked Wines UK Managing Director, Eamon Fitzgerald.

“Initial uptake has been very encouraging and it’s easy to see this service being particularly useful for busy customers who don’t have time or access to the website.

“Now these customers are only ever a text away from ordering a case of delicious wines.”

The text message service will be available to all 150,000 UK Naked Wines members, and if the pilot UK programme proves successful it will also be rolled out to Naked Wines’ US and Australian operations.

Thumbs at the ready, we feel a crate of rosé coming on….

Main image © iStock/Kuramyndra