The world’s first electric paper plane exists, and we want one

Ready for take off in 15 seconds. Shame that doesn't apply to all planes.

There’s tech improvements you need, and then there’s tech improvements you just didn’t know you needed. The Power Up 2.0 Plane falls into the latter category. Taking the traditional paper airplane, PowerUp Toys have kitted it out with electrically motorised technology to lengthen flight time and distance.

If you found it difficult to make a paper airplane that could stay in the air longer than the time it takes to shout ‘mayday!’, finally you will have your satisfaction. Crash proof and reusable, the plane charges in only 15 seconds with over 60 seconds of flight time, so you can take off again and again.

Have a look at it in action:

The plane is priced at £11.95 with delivery for £3.95 on and comes with a spare propellor, just in case your first one meets a tree, or a person, or an outraged pet.

Main Image: © Prezzybox