Anne Hathaway to take on an alien invasion in The Shower

A female led sci-fi action comedy. Finally!

We’ve seen Anne Hathaway star in sci-fi, we’ve seen her star in comedies. Now, apparently, she’s going to be mixing them together in sci-fi comedy The Shower, alongside a mostly female cast. The Shower is being said to be similar in tone to Bridesmaids, Attack the Block, and This Is The End. Isn’t it funny how almost every female-fronted comedy film is now said to be the next Bridesmaids? That alone is a great argument for why more female-centric films like this have to be made.

The Shower, penned by Jac Schaeffer (who has been a director, producer, and screenwriter), begins with a baby shower that gets interrupted by a meteor shower. Here’s the sci-fi element: these meteors are actually capable of turning men into vicious aliens, leaving the women to fight them off and save themselves, as well as the world. Can I buy my ticket now?

If you need more convincing, which I doubt, the script made last year’s Black List of the best scripts in Hollywood that have somehow been overlooked. This summer The Black List hosted a live reading of the script, which featured a fantastic comic cast including Chelsea Peretti, Kristen Schaal, Gillian Jacobs, and Felicia Day. You can also find a 6 page excerpt of the script online if you want to have a look; if it’s already funny on paper imagine what it will be like brought to life.

Producing alongside Hathaway is her husband, Adam Schulman, Jac Schaeffer, Andrew Lauren, and D.J. Gugenheim. The film is still in the very earliest stages, with no director, supporting cast, or studio attached yet – but with such strong talent and a name like Anne Hathaway attached, it seems beyond doubt that the project will secure everything it needs.

All I know is, it’s about time we had more female fronted sci-fi comedies. Complex friendships, fighting aliens, cracking jokes, and having well-developed characters outside of the tropes of ‘voice of sense’ and ‘hot damsel’ aren’t just for men after all.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)
Main Image: Flickr © Joshua Barash