These smart leggings can help you find the perfect jeans in 5 seconds

Finally, some jeggings we actually want

"There's a lady here for you with a button on her crotch"

Jeans shopping is an absolute ball-ache, as we all know. I’ve got Megatron hips with a Skeletor waist, so nothing ever fits me, and traipsing around changing rooms with only a tiny voile curtain between me and the full Justin Bieber is less than fun.

So I was pretty happy to meet LikeAGlove, who came to Gadgette HQ to show us their smart leggings, designed to find your perfect jeans in 5 seconds:

No, we wouldn’t wear them out of the house either (so props to their model) – but they’re not designed for that. LikeAGlove tell us the leggings are shot through with electronics that take your measurements and transmit them via Bluetooth to an app (iOS and Android). We did ask about the exact technology they’re using but their CEO didn’t give much away.

Once your measurements are in the app, you’re shown jeans that should fit well from a range of brands. Those include high-street favourites as well as higher-end designers – I checked, because the 3D scanning thing in Selfridges wanted me to buy £200 jeans, and that’s not going to happen. Also, it only offered 3 types of fit, which is a bit pathetic when you look at the variety of women’s bodies that exist. Why even offer 3D scanning if there are only 3 results…?!

LikeAGlove’s measurements include the length of your leg, and go all the way up to a dress size 30. Now, how many useful jeans suggestions you’d get at that size is debatable, but that’s the fault of the UK clothing industry rather than the app

Images: LikeAGlove

The leggings are available from today, at a presale price of £25 until the 16th of October (although they won’t ship until Spring). After that, they’ll be £35, then £65 at full retail.

While you can use the leggings to measure yourself up to 50 times, we think it would make a lot more sense if you rented them rather than bought. Generally, once we’ve found the perfect jeans, we tend to stick with them for years – and I don’t know about you, but my figure and shape doesn’t change so drastically that I’d need to keep re-measuring. Yeah, they’d need to be sanitised before being sent to someone else, but surely it makes more sense for lots of women to rent them than a few to buy. £65 is more than a lot of women will spend on the actual jeans, never mind the measuring process!

Since LikeAGlove aren’t offering rental, we reckon enterprising women will buy a pair and lease them to her friends for cash money. Get on it.

Main image: LikeAGlove

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