12 videogame inspired dessert recipes

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Winter is the perfect time of year to start eating all the sugar-filled treats you can get your hands on. You have to start your winter layers below the skin, everyone knows that, it’s freezing out there! It especially doesn’t help sugar cravings when the videogames you play to keep out of the cold have a tendency to feature foods that sound totally delicious and festive. We’ve decided to put together a list of our favourite sweet treats from videogames and where you can find their recipes around the web so that you can keep your December sweet.

12) Lava Cookies – Pokemon

Image © GourmetGaming

These special treats from Lavaridge town can cure all your status effects. The recipe can be found here!

11) Belgian Waffle – Life is Strange

image via Pinterest

Choosing between that bacon omelette and those Belgian waffles was one of the most difficult choices Life is Strange threw at us. We totally opted for the waffle though. We think this Belgian waffles recipe which claims to be the bestest would be exactly like the kind Joyce would make.

10) Apricot Tartlet – Dishonored

Image © GourmetGaming

There are so few foods in the world of Dishonored that actually sound in any way appealing. In fact, we’re pretty sure the apricot tartlet is the only one. Serve these and pretend you’re at a party only Lady Boyle could throw.

9) Sea Salt Ice Cream – Kingdom Hearts II

image © geekychef

We’re actually kind of surprised Ben and Jerrys haven’t come out with a geeky interests flavour collection yet, but we’re willing to wait for it. In the meantime, this sea salt ice cream from Kingdom Hearts II looks delicious!

8) Pumpkin Cookies – Don’t Starve

image © gourmetgaming

Filled with pumpkin spices to keep you feeling festive even on the darkest December night, these cookies look delicious and health restoring.

7) Chocolate Cherry Cake – Portal 2

Image via gamerabilia

Okay, we’re almost certain this cake is NOT a lie. It had better not be. There’s actually a special branded box of cake mix so that you can make your long-promised cake a reality quickly and easily, but if you’d rather do it properly, we’ve got a recipe for you too.

6) Health and Mana Potions – League of Legends

Image © GourmetGaming

You’ll feel magical, restored, and maybe a little bit drunk after having some of these festive eggnog health and mana potions.

5) Super Chocolate Tummers Bomb Cupcakes – The Sims 4

image © EatAByte

These. Look. Indulgent. And we’re pretty sure you don’t need a ridiculously high cooking level to pull them off, either. The Sims is the game series that’s always managed to make us hungry, so it’s a relief to finally see those delicious looking foods brought to life with this recipe.

4) Yoshi’s Cookies

image © GourmetGaming

What is it with Nintendo games having food that looks unbelievably perfect and tasty? These Yoshi cookies look as cute as Yoshi and yummy too.

3) Chu Jelly – The Legend of Zelda

Image © GeekyChef

It’d be nice to be able to eat Chu Jelly without having to defeat any Chus first. You could even use the yellow jelly to replace the lights on your Christmas tree. This recipe looks super easy to manage, so give it a go!

2) Graccu’s Mince Meat Fruitcake – World of Warcraft

Image © GourmetGaming

It doesn’t get much more festive than this. Unfortunately it’s nigh impossible to be able to source any of Graccu’s special preserving spices, so we guess we’ll have to eat this cake pretty fast. Fine by us.

1) Sweet Rolls – Skyrim

Image © GeekyChef

One of Skyrim’s most appealing delicacies, the sweet roll is the perfect winter treat. If anyone’s going to do winter food well, it’s going to be Nords. These sweet rolls are kind of like cinnamon buns with some super sweet icing on top. Yum!

We don’t know whether we want to game or eat, now. Best just do both.