These cat ear headphones raised three million dollars on Indiegogo

Sadly they're pretty purr-icey

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We think cat ears make everything better, and it seems the internet agrees with us. These awesome light-up cat ear headphones were successfully funded on Indiegogo: from a target of $250,000, designers Wenqing Yan and Victoria Hu raised well over three million dollars. Holy moly.

To be fair, they’re pretty great. As well as being headphones with cat ears on (which, frankly, was enough to convince us), they function not only as headphones but also as speakers, which are built into the ears. They light up in your choice of blue, green, purple or red (that’s one colour per set, you can’t phase between them, sadly), run for about 5 hours on a charge, and include a gaming mic that detaches. There’s even a little carry case.

We tried them on at CES and found the sound quality loud and clear.

Everyone in the background looks pretty impressed

Sadly, though, they’re pretty pricey. After their Indiegogo success, the design was taken on by US retailer Brookstone at a cost of $129.99 (about £90). And worse, although Brookstone does deliver to the UK (hallelujah), it’ll cost you: about $53 shipping and $36 taxes, giving a total of $218.33, which is £150. Crikey.

Alternatively, you could just buy these cat ear hair clips and stick them to your existing ‘phones, saving you about £143. You’re welcome.

Official images: Brookstone

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