People in central London can get a OnePlus phone delivered within an hour today

And if it's late, it's free

Up-and-coming phone manufacturer OnePlus has a pretty dedicated fanbase, but there’s no denying their phones can be a total pain to get hold of. Using an invite system that’s as baffling as it is changeable, you usually need a device-specific invite to buy a phone, except on particular days, or sometimes just for an hour – and often invites are tied to people’s email addresses, so you can’t even pass them on. I got four invites for a phone I already owned and even though there were hundreds of people waiting, I wasn’t allowed to give them out.

If you’ve been hankering after a OnePlus Two or OnePlus X, though, you might be in luck today if you live in central London. Concierge service Henchman (a bit like Dispatch) are offering them for delivery within an hour today. They’re on sale at 12pm and 3pm, and if they don’t arrive within the promised 60 minutes, the phone’s yours for nothing. Considering OnePlus phones are usually delivered from China, that cuts out a whole lot of waiting time.

Henchman are also offering a free OnePlus gift with every order (we reckon it’s a case, but it’d be nice if it was the power pack) and one lucky buyer will get a gift bag full of goodies thrown in.

Prices start at £289 for the OnePlus 2 and £199 for the OnePlus X, and it’s almost noon – so get ordering if you want one.

Main image: OnePlus

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