Geeky find of the week: comic cookbook

A feast for your eyes and your belly

Recipes can be dull work to follow, so if you want something a little more visually exciting than a series of numbers and letters on a page in a minuscule font size, with only a mouth-watering photo of what the end result should look like to keep you going, you might want to check out the Comics Cookbook.

Containing the 93 works from various artists around the world, Comics Cookbook is a cultural melting pot of delicious appetisers, salads, soups, main courses, side dishes, deserts, and drinks all in the form of beautiful and entertaining illustrations.

Images via Centrala

It should be noted, though, that this cookbook doesn’t exactly contain recipes that are easy to follow. It’s primarily about foods and art styles from around the world, so whilst some comics might have reasonably accurate measurements and guides, others are more conceptual and abstract. It’s not one for a novice cook, but for someone with more advanced skills it definitely provides an interesting and more entertaining means of reading a recipe. And for anyone who loves comics and/or food, it’s perfect.

You can find the book here for £11.25 plus £3 shipping to the UK.