12 videogame inspired cocktails

Don't drink and drive on the Rainbow Road

Not long ago we put together a list of our favourite dessert recipes inspired by videogames, because playing games that feature delicious looking foods is a great way to work up an appetite. But sometimes when you sit down to play a videogame, for good reasons or bad, you can be left with the need for a stiff drink so we’ve gathered together some recipes for some videogame themed cocktails from around the internet so that when you sit down for a gaming session this weekend you can keep your beverage on brand.

12. Assassin’s Creed – The Shirley Templar

Image: The Drunken Moogle

It’s revealed in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (an appropriate title) that Desmond likes to add gin to the traditionally non-alcoholic Shirley Temple to create what he calls a Shirley Templar so this cocktail will be perfect for when you’re raising your glass to every Templar you take down on your next play through Assassin’s Creed. It’s partly a mark of respect for them, and partly a reward system for successful assassinations. You’re winning either way.

The full recipe for a Shirley Templar can be found on The Drunken Moogle.

11. Bioshock – Possession

Image via TheDrunkenMoogle © Will Edgecombe

Like its in-game vigor counterpart, Possession is a cocktail that will undoubtedly win anyone over to your side, even if it does look so sour its secondary power will be to make your face invert.

If you want to make even your foes blindly fight and die for you, you can find the recipe for this over on The Drunken Moogle.

10. Dragon Age Origins – The Joining

Image: The Drunken Moogle

Becoming a Grey Warden really doesn’t look like a particularly enjoyable experience, particularly when it involves drinking a mix of darkspawn blood, lyrium, and the blood of an archdemon; few survive the process and those who do are forever tainted. Fortunately this shot is only inspired by The Joining and uses rum instead of darkspawn blood so you should be fine, if a little hungover.

The full recipe can be found here.

9. Fallout – Fat Man

Image: The Drunken Moogle

If you’re not familiar with the Fallout universe, the Fat Man is a weapon, a mini-nuke launcher in fact. I feel like that says everything you need to know about this particular cocktail. Made using spiced rum, cinnamon whiskey, vanilla vodka, and Dr Pepper it sounds equally delicious and lethal, but you might want to drink it slowly or you’ll have to send everyone out of your blast radius.

The full recipe is over on The Drunken Moogle

8. Monkey Island – Scumm Bar Grog

Image: The Drunken Moogle

Prove you’re a real pirate like Guybrush by drinking the Scumm Bar’s finest. Okay, so this version doesn’t contain kerosene, propylene glycol, artificial sweeteners, sulfuric acid, acetone, battery acid, red dye#2, Scumm, axle grease and/or pepperoni like the original Tri-Island recipe but at least it won’t melt your glass. And at least it’s not Grog Lite.

You can find the full recipe here.

7. Pokemon – Dratini

Image: The Drunken Moogle

An elegant drink inspired by an elegant pokemon, the Dratini is a new take on the martini, replacing the vermouth with Hpnotiq and the olive garnish with a dollop of whipped cream. Just don’t have too many or you’ll ruin your aim for throwing Pokeballs.

You can find the full recipe on The Drunken Moogle

6. Spyro – Spyro the Dragon

Image: The Drunken Moogle

Inspired by the colours of Spyro’s scales and the smoky aftertaste from breathing fire, this shot is quick and easy to make.

The full recipe can be found here.

5. Super Mario Kart – Rainbow Road

Image: Nintendrunk

This one looks as pretty as the road it’s inspired by. It might not be advisable to drink and play Mario Kart, though; it’s easy to fall off the Rainbow Road sober and you want to keep a close eye on those banana skins.

The full recipe is over on Nintendrunk

4. Kirby – Marshmallow vodka Kirby

Jello shots are such old news, it’s all about marshmallow shots now. This vodka-infused Kirby marshmallow is incredibly cute, but it’s absolutely one to make when you’re sober and completely committed because the recipe is more than a little complicated.

If you can actually bring yourself to eat this incredibly adorable creation you can find the full recipe on Nintendrunk.

3. Portal – Portal cake shots

After her experiences with GLaDOS we’re pretty sure Chell could have done with a strong drink rather than a cake. Even better, a combination of the two.

The Geeky Hostess has a video tutorial on making these deliciously sweet shots here.

2. Minecraft – Dirt Block

Sure, the name isn’t delicious but The Drunken Moogle have managed to make dirt sound seriously tasty with french vanilla kahlua, amaretto, chocolate milk, and Oreos. Yes, I’ll take several dirt blocks, please. It’s perfect to cradle whilst you world build.

Got an alcohol-based chocolate craving to satisfy? The full recipe is here.

1. Sonic – Sonic the Hedgehog

Image: The Cocktail Novice

You’ll still be able to go fast after drinking this shot, it just might not be in a straight line.

A simple layered shot for when you’ve not got much time, this recipe can be found over on The Cocktail Novice.

So, whether you’re entertaining a group or looking for something to unwind whilst you play some of your favourites these recipes should have you covered. Drink responsibly, game competitively. Just don’t do it the other way around.