This cashmere coat has an integrated heating system

It brings new meaning to the phrase "hot under the collar"

We’ve been experiencing a bit of a cold snap recently. It kind of feels like after a reasonably mild December, winter has decided it has to reassert its dominance and make us quake, cold and blue, in our coats that somehow never feel thick enough. I’d happily wear two coats but I’d rather avoid looking like I’m off to audition for the part of a coat stand in a local theatre production.

Apparently the fashion tech gods have heard the desperate chatter of my teeth, though, because using an integrated heating system, premium fashion brand Moon Berlin has developed a coat that has combined the heat of wearing two coats with the ease and stylishness of wearing one. Finally!

The coat is made from 100% cashmere and has an electrical heating system attached inside the lining in the back. This means you can’t ever take it out without ripping the lining of the coat, but since the heating system is just a flat, flexible, and lightweight panel, you shouldn’t ever really feel or see that it’s there anyway.

Using a simple on/off switch the battery-powered panel takes 30 to 60 seconds to heat up to around 40 degrees Celsius, a temperature you can’t adjust so you’d best hope you find it pleasant. The panel’s battery is rechargeable, taking 24 hours to fully charge and lasting for around 6 to 8 hours. Considering it’s unlikely that you’ll wear the coat for more than a couple of hours a day, and even less likely you’ll have the heating panel switched on for the entire duration of wearing it, this seems like a fairly reasonable battery life that shouldn’t require recharging every day.

The coat is made to measure and available in black, blue, yellow, and grey from Moon Berlin’s website but it will cost you; at €799 (around £610) the heated coat is hardly cheap, although considering designer label cashmere coats without an integrated heating system could actually cost you just as much, it seems slightly more reasonable. If you’re willing to pay more there’s also the option to add other tech features such as an integrated charger which will allow you to charge up your phone in your pocket.

Moon Berlin have developed an item of clothing that truly highlights the potential of tech-infused fashion, balancing a timeless and stylish design with modern function-improving features. It’s a premium idea, we just wish it didn’t have a premium price tag.

Via Fashnerd