6 things we want this week

Its Buyday Friday again

We got lots of love for our Buyday Friday post last week, so here’s another one. This is what we’ve been lusting after now that it’s March and the weather is ever-so-slightly less pants.

Editor Holly

Beautiful candle holder/terrarium thing

I’ve got a bit obsessed with terraria lately. This, from wallet-wrecker Anthropologie, isn’t designed as one but I think it’d make a good cactus home nonetheless. Or you can put a candle in it as they have, and leave your poor cactus out in the cold.

It basically looks like the Crystal Dome of planters, and I want one.

Metalwork Hurricane Lantern, £10, Anthropologie

Heart and dagger ring

I’ve lost every ring I’ve ever had, so I definitely should not buy this. But look at it. It’s so blue. It’s like a really badass ring version of the Heart of the Ocean from Titanic.

While it doesn’t cost as much as if it was cut from the neck of Louis the sixteenth, it is pretty pricey and I would definitely leave it in a bar, so I’m just going to admire it from afar. Sob.

Metal Couture Heart & Dagger ring, £249, Wolf & Badger

Gamer in Chief Emma

Alice in Wonderland shoes

I’ve never been one for buying shoes (I wear the same three pairs on rotation) but when I saw the Alice in Wonderland collection from Irregular Choice I almost sobbed with want. The collection is weird and wonderful as you’d expect from Irregular Choice, ranging from flats, to heels, to boots but my favourites are Cheshire Cat flats. They even have a tail!

Prices in the collection range from £99 all the way up to £340 ; it’s not cheap to go through the looking glass but it’s totally worth it.

Cheshire Cat flats, £110, Irregular Choice

Chain mail satchel

If I could get away with it, I’d integrate chainmail into my everyday wardrobe in as many ways as I could.  It’s sleek, goes with everything, and it protects against edged weapon attacks and arrow fire. Useful! Unfortunately, it doesn’t make for the lightest outfit, which is why I really want this chainmail bag from ThinkGeek. If I can’t protect myself I can at least protect my precious laptop.

Knight’s Chain Mail Satchel, $99.99 (around £70) plus £25 UK shipping, ThinkGeek.

Science Officer Jen

No Man’s Sky for PS4

I’ve been following this game for over 2 years and I haven’t been this intrigued and excited about a game since I was a child. Players all share a procedurally-generated universe contains 18 quintillion worlds to explore. It’s massively multiplayer but it’s so big that you won’t bump into people all the time. But everyone has a goal of reaching the centre of the universe so someday you’ll surely meet another traveller. It just received a June 24th release date and pre-orders have begun.

No Man’s Sky, £49.99, Amazon UK

Home gel manicure kit

This kit lets you do gel manicures in the comfort of your own home. Enough said. The kit turns your ordinary nail polish into amazing gel polish that looks amazing and should last twice as long as usual. And you don’t even need to step outside, which suits me just fine at the moment. The LED lamp is super portable so you can do it anywhere.

Maxi-gel manicure kit, £49.99, Firebox