This chair will charge your phone when you fidget

Foot tap your way to full charge

If you’re the kind of person who can’t sit down in a chair without swinging your leg, tapping your feet, or shimmying your bum you might have found yourself told off the entire way through school for fidgeting. “Can’t you sit at peace?”, “You’re such a fidget”, they’re all phrases you’ve heard multiple times and they’re never said with a positive or understanding tone.

Designer Nathalie Teugels has heard your shuffles and wants you to feel positive about them rather than negative with her innovative Moov chair. The Moov chair is a prototype product that uses your movements to charge your electronic devices. It does this by having piezoelectric crystals installed under the seat cushion. Piezoelectricity is an electric charge that results from pressure as the material is stressed. Sitting down on the chair activates the crystals and continued movement will keep them working.

The cantilevered flexible steel frame of the chair encourages movement and it holds a battery in the arm rest to store the electricity that’s generated. To charge your devices all you have to do is plug them into the USB port at the end of the arm rest. You can see the chair in action below:

Nathalie told DesignBoom that the idea stemmed from “a very personal story, one about hyperactivity and ADHD.” She said “‘Sit still’ was something that I heard a lot during my childhood. Because of this, I wanted to design something where my energy could get used in a positive way.” It’s because of this that she created a chair “where moving is a must.”

As someone who could be best described as a sentient stone, this chair probably isn’t ideal for me but I love the idea behind it – no one will be telling you to sit still if you could charge their phone for them and it’s great to see tech being used to make people feel good about themselves and cancel out negative perceptions. Unfortunately the chair is just a prototype and there aren’t any plans to see release it for purchase, but it’s a clever idea we’d love to see happen.

Via DesignBoom
Images © Nathalie Teugel