These video thank you cards could save a lot of time

It doesn't have to be hand-written to be personal

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as receiving a gift. The only thing that really beats it is receiving loads of them at once at a big event like a wedding or a birthday. But every silver lining has its cloud and as much as you love all the things you’ve received, and you’re really grateful for everyone’s kindness, you can’t help but begrudge writing the seemingly endless stream of thank you notes. You said thank you at the time when they handed you the damn thing (and you really meant it too!) but here you are, two hours in on note 87 because you don’t even want to imagine what your mum would say if you didn’t.

That’s the thing with sending thank you notes, it isn’t the saying thank you that’s the problem; it’s the time consuming process of choosing the stationery, writing the notes, personalising them, then you don’t even want to consider the postage costs – it’s a book of stamps not a first edition of The Canterbury Tales.

Fortunately, a service called ThankView is trying to make the personalised thank you process easier, letting users skip the stationery, the writing, and the postage by recording a customised video instead.

To use ThankView, all you have to do is upload your recipient list, choose a template which you can customise with photos from your event, a colour scheme, or a particular font. After you’ve done this, ThankView queues up your recipient list by name and lets you record a message for each person one after the other which are then integrated into the template you selected.

The notes are delivered to the recipient’s email where they appear as an animated envelope that they simply click to open. It’s faster and cheaper for you and, arguably, more personal for them.

There are different pricing tiers for sending ThankView cards, depending on how many you want to send. You get your first five for free, after which you can buy anything from as little as 25 messages for $20 (£14) to 400 for $175 (£121). The most popular amount is 100 cards for $55 (£38). You can even track your cards after they’ve been sent to make sure your recipients have received and opened them.

Though you could very well record your own videos and send them, for anyone without video editing skills this would be more time consuming than actually writing out the notes by hand. ThankView seems like a good way to streamline the process. Of course there are always the people you know won’t accept anything less than the handwritten version, but at least your hand won’t be cramping when it comes to writing their letter.

Main Image: ThankView