6 things we want this week

We're at it again

What excuse can we find to celebrate this time? It’s a four day week! And we just got paid! Here’s what Team Gadgette wants this week.

Gamer in Chief Emma

Dr Martens Adventure Time Collection

I’ve been thinking about investing in a pair of Dr Martens for a while now and when they announced there would be special edition Adventure Time boots, my mind was pretty much made up for me. I love this Marceline version because of course it’s my ambition to be a guitar playing rock vampire. Thanks to Dr Marten’s sizing and my curiously small feet, though, I’m also considering the child’s version of the Marceline boot which comes complete with faux fur. Hell yes.

£110 from Dr Martens

Gaming Lip Balms

I’ve cycled through almost every lip balm brand there is looking for one that I actually want to stick with and I still haven’t found one so I’m considering trying these gaming ones next because they look great and their flavours sound even better. They come in a pack of 3 plus a travel sleeve with the strawberry flavoured Elixer of Health, the tropical fruit flavoured Rare Candy, and Vanilla flavoured Sea Salt Ice Cream (which I kind of wish actually tasted like sea salt ice cream).

£9.99 from Gametee


Probably a welcome change from all of the geeky things I’ve usually got my eye on; I really want one of these satchels. It’s coming into the Spring/Summer season and I’m looking for something ridiculously feminine to cart everything I need for adventures in the sun which means pastels and a preppy design. I think this purple one would look great with my Adventure Time Dr Martens too.

£125 from The Cambridge Satchel Company

Science Officer Jen

iPad Pro 9.7″

Yeah, the new iPad Pro 9.7″ is just the old Pro version shrunk down to the size of the iPad Air. Yeah, you could happily do most of the same things on the cheaper Air. That doesn’t matter. I still want it. I had the original iPad (have you used one recently, wow they seem heavy now) and an iPad 3 that I loved for creative work.

Since then I’ve become a big believer in Android and all my favourite phones in the last 4 years have used Google’s operating system (even though I’m using an iPhone 6s right now). That said, I haven’t found a tablet that was as fun as the iPad when it comes to video, photo, and music editing. Especially with Apple’s own Garageband and iMovie apps. There are tablets with much better value for money and I wouldn’t personally recommend the iPad Pro line to the average consumer. That said, it’s pretty, it works with the Apple Pencil, and I want it.

£499 from Apple

Game of Thrones dragon ear cuff

A lot of Game of Thrones jewellery creeps me out. Especially the countless “moon of my life” and “my sun and stars” items I see for couples. Ew. You have watched the show or read the books, yeah? I won’t be wearing those. Dragons though? Yeah, I can do dragons. There are a lot to choose from but I quite fancy this GoT-inspired cuff as I’ve never owned ear cuffs before and I think a dragon would be a good way to start.

£6.75 plus £1.30 shipping from Magandaisa on Etsy

Ephemeris Board Game

I’ve been a gamer since I was a very young child but only played videogames. I played with other things like LEGO and did sports but when it came to actual games they were all on my PC or consoles. Board games were something I didn’t get into because I thought they were all like Snakes & Ladders or Monopoly. It’s only been in the last few years I’ve given others a go and realised I’ve missed out on lots of fun experiences. Being a massive astronomy nerd, I really like the look of Ephemeris. It’s a tactical board game that’s inspired by real astronomy (not astrology). The game revolves (get it?) around orbits and the sizes of different bodies (e.g. planets, stars) affect the game and introduce the tactical element.

£29.99 from John Lewis

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