7 tools to help you spring clean your tech

Cleaning is rarely fun so at the very least it has to be easy

Female hand holding spray and cloth for cleaning the mobile phone. Cleaning the display phone outdoors.

We don’t always realise it, and it’s not the most pleasant thing to think about, but the tech we use every day can get utterly filthy. There so many reports on how many germs are on the tech we use every day that sometimes it can feel like the only option is to burn your phone after every use. But it’s unavoidable, really; between dust, hair, sticky fingers and eating that delicious pastry over your keyboard, you’re going to find that once in a while you look down at the laptop, phone, or tablet you’re using and recoil.

Since someone at some point decided spring is a good time to get things clean and we’d much rather deal with the small surface area of our tech than try to tackle the mess in our homes, here are some useful tools to keep your gadgets glistening.

7. Compressed Air

Compressed air is a great affordable way to get into cracks and crevices on your keyboard or to blast dust out of vents on games consoles, laptops, and computer towers that can lead to overheating over time.

You can buy compressed air on Amazon for as little as £6.62 and it comes with an extended nozzle to ensure you can spray it in even hard to reach places.

6. OXO electronics cleaning brush

If you like to be extra thorough and blasting your tech with compressed air just doesn’t feel like enough, you can always try this electronics cleaning pen from OXO. The pen has a slim silicone wiper on one end which can remove dust from small places like between keyboard keys and around the edges of a monitor screen, and on the other it has a retractable soft-bristled brush that can be used to clean camera lenses which require more gentle treatment. Being shaped like a pen, the OXO pen is easy to hold and small enough to throw in your bag or drawer for when you need it.

£6 from Amazon

5. Cat screen wipe

There’s nothing quite like that moment when the light of day glances over the screen you’re using and you see all the dust in the world and the fingerprints of seemingly every man, woman, and child has collected on it. Perfect for larger computer screens and TVs, this reusable cat screen wipe gets rid of smudges and reduces scratches. Plus, it’s lemon scented and adorable. If you’re not a cat person, there are plenty of other animals available, from pugs to tigers.

£10.98 from Amazon

4. Screen cleaning kit

If you’d rather your screen cleaner was a little less ornamental and easier to carry and store, you might like to try this screen cleaning kit by Techlink. It’s an antibacterial and alcohol-free liquid solution suitable for all screens which comes with a handy anti-microbial soft cloth stored in its lid to easily remove dirt, grease, and fingerprints. Not being shaped like a large cat, it has the benefit of being useful even on smaller screens as well as being easy to take on the go.

£9.35 from Amazon

3. AM Labs all-in-one cleaner

Even more compact again is the all-in-one screen cleaner from AM Labs. Combining the microfiber cloth with the spray bottle means that you’ll have everything you need to clean your screen in one item. This cleaner is small, portable, and refillable meaning it’s easier on the environment but one drawback is that with its cloth being part of its bottle, it doesn’t have quite the same maneuverability that a soft cloth can offer.

£11.94 plus £6.48 delivery from Amazon

2. Super Clean dust cleaner

The first thing you might notice about this product is that it looks like Flubber, which is its most obvious appeal. Aside from that, though, it offers a really quick and simple way to lift dirt from hard to access parts of your tech. The reusable Flubber cleaner promises to lift dirt and dust from all surfaces as well as disinfect them without leaving any residue or smell, making it suitable for not only tech but car interiors too.

£5.49 from Amazon.

1. PhoneSoap 2.0

Our phones are probably the worst culprits for attracting germs; if they’re not in our hands, they’re up at our faces or lying on a surface and since they’re the piece of tech we have on our person most often we want to make sure they’re as clean as possible. PhoneSoap is a phone sanitizer that uses UV-C lamps rather than heat, liquid, or chemicals to kill bacteria.

PhoneSoap is able to fit phones of all sizes and all you have to do is pop your device inside, close the lid, and wait 4 minutes for the lamps to do their job. If you’d rather leave your phone in there, it also comes equipped with a universal charger. According to the PhoneSoap creators, the sanitizing isn’t even limited to phones; if you can fit it in their device, you can clean it, and they offer keys, money, and credit cards as examples.

Available in black or white for $59.95 (£43) plus £14 delivery from PhoneSoap.

Image ©iStock/iprogressman