This mirror adjusts the lighting so your makeup is always on point

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the best contouring of them all?"

Technology might not be the first thing people think of when it comes to makeup or hair styling but we love it when they meet. We’ve toured GHD’s labs to learn about the science of good hair, we’ve tested robots that clean your makeup brushes, and we love novel tech like the digital pen that lets you customise the colour of makeup. The latest that caught our eye is a mirror that claims to improve the end results so your contouring works well no matter where you’re heading.

You know how people always say they look different in photos? That’s because they’re seeing themselves in different contexts and a big part of that is the lighting. We’re very used to seeing our face in the mirror, which is almost always artificially lit and from somewhere above you. Out in the real world people see your face under all sorts of light, which can make a huge difference to the way you look.

Simplehuman has created a wide-view sensor mirror (catchy) that has a number of neat tricks. The most obvious is that its light uses colour temperatures that more closely resemble natural light. If you’re getting ready using lighting that’s very different from natural light, your makeup could appear quite different to people once you’ve left the house.

The mirror does a lot more than provide several angles and give a good light. It connects via Wi-Fi to a smartphone app that lets you adjust the colour temperature of the light. It can even pull this information from your own photos. You can take a picture in a low-light restaurant and use this to emulate the lighting at your mirror. Then you can apply your makeup seeing what it will look like at the restaurant. This could be great for events and when you know where you’re going, but the natural light feature is probably the most useful everyday condition.

Simplehuman’s wide-view sensor mirror is £299 on the official website.

Main image: simplehuman

Via Circuit Breaker