Native Union’s TAG is a charging cable in disguise

Finally, those weird little leather tags on your bag DO something

I’m a Girl Scout kind of smartphone user: always making sure I’ve got one, if not two, portable power packs and both a micro USB and USB-C cable on me. Yet there are still times I find myself with 5% battery and no way to fix it. In those cases, I always wish I’d thought of something like this: Native Union’s new TAG concealed charging cable.

Designed to look like one of those weird tags you get on new handbags (seriously, what are those for?), TAG hangs innocently on your bag, hiding a charging cable for emergencies. Of course, you’ll still need something to plug the cable into, but if there’s a laptop nearby, you’re sorted.

TAG is currently only available with an Apple Lightning connector, so Android users like me are out of luck for the time being. But it does come in black and tan to match different bags.

It’s £39.99, which seems like quite a lot for a cable – but let’s be honest, you’d gladly pay it when you’re stranded miles from home and Uber is about to die on you. It’s available from the Native Union shop now.

All images: Native Union

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