Quick-fire Christmas gift guide, part 2

5 more things to buy for people you like

Didn’t find anything you wanted in round 1? Still have more people to buy for space in your life for beautiful things? Right then. Time for the sequel.

As before, it’s not split up by age or gender because you know the people in your life better than I do, but I’ve included a couple of things for the harder to buy for folks in mine.

1. Pokéball dress

£34.99, TruffleShuffle

I’m only OK with including this because I’ve already bought it for myself.

Like Pokémon Sun and Moon, this is a new release, and everyone’s going to want it. I already have the Nintendo dress (which I wear to Marioke because I’m cool) and realistically, I’m probably going to get the Pikachu dress too.

Eventually my wardrobe will be nothing but geekery and I’m kind of OK with that.

If you’re a Pokémon Go kind of person, you might not be familiar with all the Pokéballs on the dress just yet, but that’s OK – go and read Gadgette alumna Emma’s excellent review of Sun & Moon and buy that. Or just wait ’til they all get added to the game, or you get sick of it, whichever is sooner.

It’s in sizes S-XL and will definitely not keep you warm on Christmas Day, but that’s what Snorlax is for.

2. Slendertone Connect

£155ish, Amazon

OK, bear with me here. I appreciate that recommending a present that is:

a. Over £150, and
b. Fitness-related

is risky at best. HOWEVER, I know most people read these gift guides to find things they want to buy themselves (admit it), and since I’ve had one of these for a few months and really like it, I want to pass on my newfound knowledge.

This isn’t what you want to unwrap from your significant other, no (“Merry Christmas, darling! Maybe this time next year you’ll be fit!”), but it IS what I’m going to be reaching for on January the 1st when I’ve eaten EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD and I want to fit in my clothes again but without actually, you know, moving.

Slendertone Connect is tech’s gift to the lazy. You just put it on, choose an intensity level on the app, then have your abs titillatingly zapped for half an hour every day until you’re pretty sure they’re buff AF under that layer of Christmas pudding that hasn’t gone yet. Even if you don’t stick with it long enough to see results (although, truth time: I’m weirdly addicted to the zaps), it makes you feel like you did something. And that’s all anyone can ask in January.

3. Mission LX-2 hi-fi speakers

£160 a pair, Richersounds

If you’ve got an audiophile to buy for, Mission have just released an affordable new range from a name that oldies like me will remember. Launched in ’77, they were legendary for their high-quality budget speakers (kind of like the Huawei of hi-fi separates) through the 80s and 90s.

As well as delighting Rob Fleming types, they’re also a great choice for someone who’s getting into old-school cool music: I’m told all the kids are getting turntables these days, and these would make them sound kickass.

Again, £160 is a lot for most people’s budgets, but you do get two speakers for that and they really do sound excellent – check out What Hifi’s review.

4. Motorola VerveRider cycling headphones

£41.99, Amazon

I find cyclists so hard to buy for, not least because I know nothing about cycling and I can’t really get on board with having to actually think while commuting. But my friends who are into it are REALLY into it, and I think these cyclist-specific earphones are a really thoughtful gift that makes you look like you totally know things about cycling.

They’re also a way better choice than Apple Airpods, because they’re safely attached to the collar part, which means they’re not going to disappear under someone’s tyre halfway down Pall Mall. You know how your mum used to thread your mittens through the sleeves of your coat when you were a kid? It’s that, but for earphones.

Ververiders offer HD sound, 12 hours of battery life (and if you’re commuting further than that, I worry for you), 150-foot Bluetooth range, and even Siri/Google Now control if you like talking to robots while on the road. There’s also an upgraded edition with sweat/waterproofing if that’s likely to be a concern (Ververider+, £47.99).

5. A subscription to cheese toasties

£5.49, Cheese Posties

We featured Cheese Posties when they first came out, and it’s been one of our all-time most popular posts. Since then, they’ve smashed their crowdfunding target, launched, and now offer a fully-fledged toasties-by-post service that makes an amazing present for someone who loves cheese (which is definitely at least 75% of people).

I had the pleasure of trying some of their new recipes recently and they are phenomenal. The White Choc Bomb (pictured above – I hope you admire my patience in taking a photo before I shoved it in my face) is especially good, and they offer an impressive selection of sweet and savoury. You can also choose not to have nuts, spicy things etc, so if your friend’s a picky eater – no problem.

You can subscribe for a weekly, fortnightly or monthly toastie, and it arrives in a letterbox-shaped package ready to toast in the included toaster bag. Plus this is one of those gifts you can buy at the absolute last minute – just print out the confirmation and put it in their Christmas card. Ideally with a toastie.

Have an excellent Christmas, Gadgette fans – thanks for supporting us. x 

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