I like: Sci Chic science-inspired jewellery

Gonna need that DNA ring ASAP

As someone whose wardrobe is at least half made up of clothes featuring Nintendo characters, I’m a sucker for a good geek accessory. My new favourite is Sci Chic, a company in the US making science and engineering-inspired jewellery and shipping to the UK, US, Canada, Australia, France and Germany.

Created by mecheng Erin Winick, the company sells some really cool designs in 3D printed plastic and metal.

Some of my favourites:

<Strong> code necklace, $14.99 (about £12)

DNA bow ring, $39.99+ (£32) in metal, $2 (£1.60) in plastic

Safety glasses necklace, $14.99 (about £12), and ring, $35+

Pi necklace, from $34.99 (£28)

Because they’re 3D printed, there are lots of options for colours and materials – although you should expect the lines and imperfections you get with most current 3D printing. They won’t look perfect, which is part of the charm in my opinion.

If you like surprises, there’s also the adults’ ($39.99/£32) and kids’ ($19.99/£16) subscription boxes, with a different theme every month.

Sciencey jewellery occasionally turns up in mainstream fashion shops – in the same way rock band t-shirts do, to be sold to teenagers who’ve never heard of the bands – but this is much more authentic. You’re supporting a woman in STEM and in business, and getting something pretty in the process.

Shipping to the UK is a bit pricey: $14 (about £11) at the moment, so team up with your STEM buddies and split an order. Also, if you sign up for the newsletter you get 10% off.

Plus pretty much every time I wear something geeky I make a new friend. And you can’t put a price on that.

More info: SciChic.com

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