Build your own Beautiful Deaths with these Game of Thrones jigsaw puzzles

Relive the heartbreak all over again. And again

Picture it: it’s a Sunday afternoon, your home is clean and quiet, kids/ pets/ significant others occupied elsewhere, and you decide to go old school with your entertainment. No TV or video games, just the safe and secure bastion of domestic tranquility that is the humble jigsaw puzzle.

Then Game of Thrones comes along and breaks your heart all over again.

HBO have announced a new series of jigsaw puzzles based on their flagship fantasy series. More specifically, based on British artist Robert M. Ball’s truly breathtaking “Beautiful Death” artworks, a weekly series depicting an iconic death from each episode of Game of Thrones. If you haven’t had the good fortune of seeing them before then do so. Now. Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

Done? Great, now you see why you need to get your hands on these beauties as soon as you can. Six have been announced so far, each consisting of 1000-pieces and measuring 19 x 27 inches, so they should look gorgeous mounted on your wall. They’re beautiful, they’re deathly, and we want all of them immediately.

Dracarys – Season 3, Episode 4

Dracarys is a striking depiction of the moment Drogon flew destructively into puberty, incinerating the slave masters of Astapor and securing Daenerys her Unsullied army. It’s a defining moment for Daenerys and her scaly children, and started a wave of fiery devastation that culminated in the events of Spoils of War.

We Never Stop Playing – Season 5, Episode 6

We’re big fans of Arya here at Gadgette and this illustration of her time training with the Faceless Men at the House of Black and White is magnificently eerie, particularly the faceless Arya framed by the shadowy wall of faces behind.

Hold the Door – Season 6, Episode 5

The loss of Hodor was keenly felt by Game of Thrones’ fans all over the world and this picture is suitably devastating in its depiction of the gentle giant’s noble sacrifice. It’s still too soon though… oh, Hodor.

Violence is the Disease – Season 6, Episode 7

There are few Game of Thrones moments as satisfying as the triumphant return of the Hound in series 6. After being left for dead following a fight with Brienne, he reemerged reborn in a pacifist colony… before swearing bloody vengeance on the world when they come under attack. (Get it on Amazon).

Your Name Will Disappear – Season 6, Episode 9

Okay okay, we spoke too soon – the death of uber shithead Ramsay Bolton at the slobbering jaws of his own dogs is the most satisfying Game of Thrones moment, and this piece depicts Sansa’s victory in the moment beautifully. Kudos too for the broken arrow in her hands, somebody needs to remember Rickon.

Long May She Reign – Season 6, episode 10

The King is dead, long live the Queen – Cersei’s gambit to assume control of the Iron Throne at the end of series six blew us all away. The wildfire crown against Cersei’s armoured bodice in this piece is wonderfully sinister, a perfect gift for a power-hungry friend/ overlord. (Get in on Amazon).

The entire Beautiful Death line of puzzles is available in the US now, with Violence is a Disease and Long May She Reign available on Amazon US while the others are currently exclusive to Barnes & Noble. As for us in the UK, we’ll just have to wait and hope they turn up on Amazon UK or the HBO Shop – or, if you really can’t wait, ask an American pal or use something like MyUS to get them sent here.

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