5 things we want post haste

This is what payday was made for

It’s that time again: we share the things we want to buy to try and relieve the urge to splurge. It never works. But at least we can all be poor together.

Here’s what we’re lusting after at the moment.

1. Vaux for Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo has been out long enough that other companies have started making their own hardware for it, and this is a particularly stylish example. Vaux is a speaker designed for the Echo Dot, which slots right into the top. At £59.99, it’s not cheap, but still a lot cheaper than the £150 Echo with the built-in speaker, and it makes a good upgrade if you’ve realised you need better sound from your Dot.

It’ll be £59.99 from Firebox when it’s released (preorders open now).

2. Game of Thrones 3D mask

Possibly the only thing that will take our minds off the total lack of Game of Thrones for TWO YEARS is painstakingly constructing these beautiful, official masks. They come in flat books, and you take the pieces out and glue them together yourself. Or pay someone else to do it…

They’re life-size, so you can actually wear the mask afterwards, and scare the living bejeezus out of your housemates. Win.

They’re £14.99 by Carlton Books and come in Lannister Lion, Targaryen Dragon, Stark Direwolf and White Walker. Available soon from lots of places including Amazon.

3. HP Spectre x360 laptop

Ugh. It’s just so beautiful. This feather-light laptop is like a Macbook Air, but, y’know, good </shade>. 16 gig of RAM, a terabyte of storage, a 360 hinge, touchscreen, Bang & Olufsen speakers and a super-slim profile with gorgeously gold accents.

Ugh, why do rich people buy Champagne when things like this exist?!

It’s – sorry – £1825 from Amazon. That’s for the 13.3-inch, although less specced-out models are available for less.

4. ‘No.’ t-shirt

We spotted this on The IT Crowd, and now we must have it. Mostly so we can point to it when people ask if we’ll fix their computer.

It’s £8.95 from Amazon.

5. Studio Ghibli origami

Really, need we say more?

£17.99 from EMP from the 8th of September.

Tweet us if you have any of these things, ideally to say they’re amazing and we should definitely buy them. Thanks.

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