Video chat: the future of dating apps?

FaceTime your future partner for the first time

Dating app Badoo

This is a sponsored article by our friends at dating app Badoo

Thought you’d seen it all on dating apps? Think again. Because one app, Badoo, has decided that 🍆 emojis, kitten gifs and ancient holiday pics just won’t cut it anymore. In their quest to be the realest dating app, they’ve introduced video chatting as their latest feature.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple, really. In your chat, there’s a little video symbol. Click on it, and you’ll basically enter into Badoo’s version of a FaceTime call. You can only video call people you’ve already exchanged messages with, a relief for all of us terrified of getting unsolicited video calls from strangers (so everyone, then).

Dating app Badoo video chat

What does this mean for dating?

Video chat seems like a logical step for online dating. The jump from chatting to someone you know only as a few pictures and a bio to actually meeting IRL can be daunting, so why not ‘date’ before you date on a video call? To save a little cash, if nothing else…

Why don’t dating apps do this already?

Concerns around security could be a big factor. You can never be sure who you’re talking to on a dating app – let’s just pray the infamous dating app dick pic doesn’t evolve into a full-on dick vid. And maybe some dating apps just prefer to keep some pre-date mystery. Not Badoo though, they want you to know exactly who you’ll be meeting before it happens.

Sound good?

If you like the sound of vetting people with Badoo’s video dating, get the app here and give it a try. You could be FaceTiming with The One by tonight.

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