Living Dead unveils ‘Better Than Lab Coats’ – clothes for clever women

This is why STEM fields pay well

Us geeky women tend to collect a mental list of websites and brands that ‘get us’ — whether that’s by having unisex styles, science prints, amazing gaming merch or whatever else floats your personal boat. One that’s always been near the top of our list is Living Dead Clothing, and they’ve just won our love all over again.

Their latest range is called ‘Better Than Lab Coats’ and it’s designed for ‘studiers of science, geek-chic honeys and petri dish-gazers.’ Count us in.

The styling is a bit annoyingly sexy in places — t-shirts with knickers, pencil-biting etc, but from our prior knowledge of the brand we’ll assume it’s tongue in cheek.

Some of our favourites:

Science Journal triple threat tee

Science! Reversed skater dress

Book Worm Happy Hour Dress

It’s not a huge collection, but if you’re hungry for more, Living Dead’s website is not exactly short of options.

Pricing is in Australian dollars by default but you can convert to GBP and others on the dropdown menu at the top. Expect to pay around £50 for a dress, plus shipping from Oz, and possibly customs charges. Sigh. It’s hard being a stylish geek.

Sizes run from XS to 3XL. Shop the collection here.

All images: Living Dead Clothing

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