Why people are ditching Tinder for this dating app

'Amazing' (InStyle), 'genius' (Coveteur), 'surprisingly good' (our mums)

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If you want to kill some time swiping through literally every Tom, Dick and Hannah within 5km of you, then yeah, Tinder is fun.

But what if you could use that time to find people you actually have something in common with?

(It would be pretty awkward if we didn’t have an alternative to offer you, but thankfully we do.)

And here it is – Huggle.

What does Huggle do differently? It connects you with people who go to the same places as you. Plus, you can choose if you want to find dates, friends or both.

Since its launch, Huggle’s grown rapidly in London, clocking up 300,000 downloads in the last 2 months. It’s also popular in New York (so hit it up next time you’re in the Big Apple). In total, a whopping 45 million places have been logged onto the app – maybe your favourite coffee shop is one of them.

How it works

Huggle’s philosophy focuses on connecting users who have common ground, stemming from the idea we are more likely to get along with someone who shares our lifestyle and interests. Makes sense, right?

So if you’re sick of ‘numb thumb’ syndrome and going on dead-end dates, here’s why you should try Huggle.

No more time wasters

Because Huggle matches you with like-minded souls who love what you love, you waste less time talking to Lannisters when you’re looking for a Targaryen (or a Snow *cough*).

Huggle also shows you the places you have in common with other users, which can give you a measure of how compatible you are. Does The One enjoy a good frappuccino, or would they not be caught dead outside an artisan coffee bar? Are they always in the mosh pit at your favourite sweaty gig venue, or up in the rafters at Wembley? These kinds of criteria can be surprisingly powerful at finding people you’ll get on with – which is handy, because striking up conversation in a mosh pit is hard.

Yes, you can swipe – but you don’t have to

Huggle lets you switch between swipe and discover modes. Idly swipe through potential matches, or explore your favourite places and see who else hangs out there. If you see someone you like, you can either swipe right, view their profile or send a message. (Tip: use your shared interests as the perfect ice breaker).

Say goodbye to peen pics and catfish

Huggle is super safe to use. After you’ve signed up via Facebook, you can proceed to one-minute photo verification, which helps stop fake profiles. It’s also good to know that your list of places is never revealed, unless you have a place in common with someone.

Find out who’s stalking your profile

Another nifty app feature – Huggle notifies you if someone’s been lingering on your profile (and shows you who keeps coming back).

You make the rules

Huggle lets you choose how many places you want in common to enable users to chat to you. If you’re feeling hard-to-get today and only want to meet people you have 20 places in common with, anyone with less can’t contact you. Mwahaha!

Ready to meet your other half?

Is Huggle really ‘amazing’ (InStyle), ‘genius’ (Coveteur) and ‘surprisingly good’ (our mums)? Is that sultry-looking bartender on the app? Is this the one step between you and your life partner? Only one way to find out. Download Huggle here

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