5 of the best gadgets for your dog this Christmas

He's been a very good boy this year

It’s not all cutesy outfits, Pawsecco and pupcakes this Christmas: here’s pawsibly (#sorrynotsorry) the best gadgets for you and your fluffy friend to enjoy together.

1. PitPat Pet

Image: PitPat Pet

Just like a human fitness tracker, this fixes to your pet’s collar to monitor sleep and activity. When you sign up to the app, input your pet’s breed, age and weight and they suggest daily exercise guidelines to reach. As a 12-year-old terrier, Daisy’s target is 40 minutes a day.

Once they hit their goal, you get a notification saying ‘High five, belly rubs all round!’ Aww.

£39.99, Amazon

2. Tractive dog GPS tracker

Image: Tractive

If you’ve got a dog that likes to go AWOL on walks (like mine) this is brilliant. You fix it to your pet’s collar and it uses GPS to show where they are in real time. Bear in mind that there might not be signal in really rural areas – you ideally want somewhere with at least 3G – and you’ll need to pay a monthly service charge (under a fiver) . You can see where your pet’s been in the last 24 hours and set a perimeter that’ll give you a notification if they stray out of bounds. It works on cats, horses and suitcases too.

£34.99, Amazon

3. GoPro Fetch

Image: GoPro

Compatible with any model of GoPro, the Fetch gives you a dog’s eye view of the world. There’s lots of super cute bouncing around and you see your dog’s ears billowing around in the wind when you play the footage back. Use the GoPro app to take pictures too.

£39.99, GoPro

4. Petsafe automatic ball thrower

Image: Petsafe

What dog doesn’t love chasing balls? What owner doesn’t get sore arms after throwing them for hours?! This automatic ball thrower works with regular tennis balls, and includes two. Plug it in and drop balls in for your dog to fetch, up to 9 metres away. Train your good boy to drop the ball in themselves and it will keep them entertained for hours. Pricey, yes, but it’ll buy you some quiet time from a relentlessly enthusiastic woof.

£134.99, Amazon

5. Pawbo pet camera

Image: Pawbo

This pawesome camera lets you see what your dog (or cat) is up to when you’re out. You can watch them from your smartphone and the app lets you see and talk to them. Once they come up to the camera to hear your voice, you can toss them a treat or start a laser pointer game. It doesn’t replace regular walks or human contact, but it’s a big weight off anxious pet owners’ minds – Gadgette Editor Holly swears by hers to check on her furbabies.

£149.99, Amazon

Main image: Photo by Nathan Lindahl on Unsplash

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