12 life hacks to get a winter bae for Christmas

Meet your 12 baes of Christmas

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Cuffing season has officially begun and the forecast is looking pretty bleak; endless cold nights-in alone where the only thing getting wet is the rain. Meanwhile, everyone else is coupling up and blocking pavements with their slow pace and extensive hand-holding. How annoying. And yet, you can’t help but consider the benefits of having a bae this winter. Someone to wipe away your tears when the John Lewis Christmas advert comes on, someone to bail on going to Winter Wonderland with and someone to assure you that day-drinking is perfectly fine because mulled cider is basically apple juice. Well, tick ‘bae’ off your Christmas wish list because these 12 life hacks are guaranteed to get you one this year*

*not actually guaranteed

1. Dress up as mistletoe and stand next to strangers

Rules is rules.

2. Work part time in a bar

Or a very sociable coffee shop.

3. Don’t leave your house when it’s freezing

Freezing walk to the station followed by a sweaty tube ride that frizzes up your hair? I’ll pass, thanks. Video date on Badoo before you meet in real life so you can make sure they’re worth getting out of bed for 😉

4. Put on an Australian accent

An Aussie accent is 127% fitter than any other out there. Science.

5. Go on winter Love Island

Because they will be forced to couple up with you so they don’t have to leave the villa/chalet.

6. Have a sporty sibling so you can get cosy with all their friends

7. Or head to Chelsea

But don’t actually pay the bus fare, just change your location settings on Badoo to the SW area. Because everyone in Chelsea seems to be newly single, a sexy vegan or has been recently cheated on by their best friend’s brother. Plus they will probably take you to Cannes.

8. Faint occasionally

Apparently this is an extremely attractive trait in a lover according to many romantic films. Hmm…!

9. Location, location, location

There’s no point meeting someone who turns out to live in Ireland or Swansea or some other distant land that will take hours to visit. Long distance sucks, so only chat to people who you ‘bump into’ on Badoo.

10. Take care of your personal hygiene

This is genuinely not always a given.

11. Be as unique as possible in your bio

Weird is wonderful, it’s always good to stand out and let them know exactly what to expect from your fabulous personality.

12. And failing that, fuck it and just adopt loads of puppies 🐶

But if you ever fancy finding something slightly less soft to cuddle up to at night 😉 why not try downloading the biggest dating app in the world, Badoo? Because with 360 million users out there, it’s kind of the best life hack of all 😇

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