Firebox’s ‘Stranger Things’ candle holder gets waxy nosebleeds

Taking the creepiness up to Eleven

Firebox has unequivocally won the prize for ‘Grimmest Stranger Things Merch’ with this. The Eleven Bleeding Nose Candle (as it’s called, despite clearly being a candle holder – tut) is a ceramic head that bleeds from both its nostrils, Eleven-style, as the candle melts.

Yuckiest of all, it comes with a ‘nose picker’ because the nostrils sometimes get plugged up with coagulated wax. Hurgh.

At 26cm high, it’s quite big, and comes with two red candles for your melting enjoyment. Even so, £29.99 seems a little steep. You could get three whole months of Netflix for that.

Props to Firebox buyer Sarah Kabunga for both her awesome surname and this quote, though:

“After a series of harrowing experiments in a shady forest laboratory, we have finally managed to make this decorative ornament bleed from the nose. We had also created The Barb Candle, but that one has… mysteriously disappeared.”

You can preorder the Eleven Bleeding Nose Candle (holder) now, but it’s not in stock ’til mid-December. Just in time to buy it for your office secret santa who’s never seen the show, and freak them right out. Muahahaha.

All images: Firebox


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