Here’s why people keep saying ‘Durham’ in HQ Trivia chat

If you missed that specific game, you'll be confused

Like just about everyone else on the planet, we’re obsessed with the live quiz-show app HQ Trivia. It’s a 12-question quiz for real money that plays out at specific times each day, on your phone but with a live presenter like a TV show.

But since you’re on this article, you already know that. What you want to know is:

Why do people keep saying DURHAM in HQ Trivia chat?

The answer is simple and probably a bit disappointing. On one of the UK’s live games, presenter Sharon Carpenter asked a question about Durham — only she mispronounced it quite badly, both in the question and the answers. Instead of ‘durr-um’ (ish), she said ‘dure-ham’ (like ‘endure’). Big deal, right?

Well, HQties don’t have much else to talk about in the chat other than spamming their usernames for those glorious extra lives (HOLLYBROCKS if you’re asking) and pretending people are dead (‘RIP [name of someone who’s not dead]’ is a common message). So they’ve seized on Durham and various misspellings of it as a kind of in-joke.

As time goes on, more and more people who weren’t in that specific game will join the app and be hugely confused as to why everyone says Durham in HQ Trivia chat. But you can tell them, because now you know.


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