Review: WeFix, phone screen repairs that come to you

Bring your phone back to the Good Place

Like a lot of people, I spend my days carrying around a tiny computer. I shove it in my handbag and let it rattle around amongst my keys, pens, and odd earrings. I’ll throw it onto my desk, or to my friends, and even precariously balance it on the edge of the bath. It doesn’t seem to matter that it’s one of the most expensive things I own, it’s become such a part of my daily life that it has become almost mundane.

Despite treating my phone so terribly, I’ve managed to go through my whole adult life without ever breaking a screen.

Until now.

It happened in an instant. Early morning, clumsy hands, an undrunk coffee. I attempt to unlock the door and drop my keys. As I bend down, my phone slips out my pocket and hits the pavement. Hello cracked screen.

Everything is not fine: the irony of my background was not lost on me (also you should definitely watch The Good Place)

This posed a bit of a problem for me. Blessed with little free time, no courtesy phone, and my handset being required for work, I was a bit stuck. I couldn’t send my phone off to Samsung to fix as I couldn’t be without my phone for that long, and there were no approved Samsung repair centres near enough me that could get a phone fixed quickly.

Enter WeFix

WeFix are a device fixing service that will bring their mobile workshops to you, wherever you are, and fix your phone or tablet on the spot, without you ever having to leave the comfort of your home or office. Perfect for busy bees, workaholics, and those who can’t leave their pets unattended outside phone repair shops.

Their workshops-in-a-van are manufacturer approved and use all genuine replacement parts, which gives real peace of mind for a quality repair — though this does mean the service only covers Samsung and Apple products, which may disappoint some Android owners. They do, however, back up their repairs with a 12 month warranty on the replaced or repaired part, which is confidence-inspiring.

Booking a repair on the site was a breeze, just enter your postcode then select your phone make and model. The range of repairs they can do varies on your phone, but with my Galaxy S6 (in gold), I was able to select from a list of all the major issues you’re likely to get. I selected for a screen repair and was given a range of dates. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to get one the same day!

The Superhero Service

As promised, a text arrived promptly at 8am on the morning of the repair, confirming my timeslot of 9am – 10am, and as promised at 9am on the dot a WeFix van arrived at my office. The friendly technician managed to follow my rather terrible directions and came right to my door. After a quick lookover of the device, and a couple of questions, the clock was on to repair.

Just 45 minutes later the technician knocked on the door and handed me my phone back, the brand-new screen was expertly fitted, and the phone looked as shiny as the day I unboxed her – it feels like having a new phone all over again!

Yes, now everything is fine! (and please do watch The Good Place immediately)

The technician left, back into the icy extremes of outside, telling me to call if there are any problems, and drove off to save someone else’s day. Hopefully there will be no need to get back in touch, but it’s good to know they’re just a call away.

So while I can’t guarantee I’ll never break the thing again, it sure is nice to be able to see everything on my screen without losing potentially context-changing information, and has definitely extended the life of my phone. I’m so pleased with my like-new phone, I may even stop holding it in my hand while I wildly gesticulate.

But probably not.

Try WeFix for yourself here, prices start from £40 depending on your phone and what needs fixing.

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