5 Things We Want This Week

5 more reasons to ask for a payrise

After hibernating for the (exceptionally long) winter we’re back with some more of our favourite things, 5 things to be exact. Dear universe, please give us less cold and more pounds…

1) Stunna Lip Paint

Ah Rihanna, you’ve done so well with an inclusive makeup line to make everyone feel beautiful no matter what color your skin. Recently I needed a good red lip color and decided to grab the Stunna lip paint in the single shade available, “Uncensored”. OHMAGAWD (that’s New York speak for holy crap) this lip paint is the perfect universal red for any girl (or guy) that wants all day wear and to simply feel amazing. It’s available at Harvey Nichols for £19.

2) Mother Chopping Board

Are you like me and thought you couldn’t get more geeky with the stuff around your house? Now you can spread the computer love to your kitchen by using this mother(board) of all chopping boards. Instead of silicon and copper, this motherboard chopping board is made of glass. It’s available on Amazon for £10.95!

3) Dell XPS 13 9370 notebook

I’ve recently realized that although I love using Mac OS, as a developer who types all day and carries a machine around with her everywhere, I need something that was lightweight, had better keyboard and had more ports. In comes the Dell XPS 13, a lightweight, great looking laptop with a pretty great keyboard and enough ports to keep a geek girl happy. It comes with Windows 10 by default, but if you’re like me you’d wipe that off there pronto an install Ubuntu or [insert favorite linux distro here]. It’s available in the UK starting at £1,249 in black and silver, or a gorgeous white and rose gold.

4) Women In Science Print

Snazz up your home office or woman cave by displaying your appreciate for your fellow women in STEM. This cool print can be framed or hung as a poster. It’s available in various sizes, can be customized and the seller ships worldwide. Prices vary and are in US dollars, check it out on Etsy.

5) Galaxy Beanie with LED Stars

Speaking of science, do you love to gaze into the night and look at the stars wondering what’s out there? Now you don’t even need to step outside, you can wear the galaxy on your head! Turn off the lights and take a look at the twinkling lights that display proudly on your noggin. You can grab this cool beanie from Thinkgeek for $19.99 (international shipping is available).

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