5 things we want this week, please and thank you

Must... stop... shopping

Well, it’s been another week and we have about 10 bazillion things on our to-do lists, which means it’s time for some top-grade procrastishopping.

Ready for five things you didn’t know you wanted? Here we go.

1) Nintendo Labo

In at number one is absolutely everything in the cardboard-tastic Nintendo Labo range, from the RC cars to the cat piano (above) to the MASSIVE ROBOT KIT. It’s like Lego meets Ikea meets Mario, and that is all our dreams in one.

From £59.99.

2) The Happy Brain


Last week we had a book about anxiety, this time it’s one on happiness to calm us down a bit. Except it doesn’t at all, because it’s mostly about how happiness is a really hard concept to pin down, and even harder to achieve. Yay…! At least like neuroscientist Dean Burnett’s previous book, The Idiot Brain, it’s really bloody funny.

£8.99 from Amazon.

3) Sashay Away baseball tee

If you don’t know what this means, go and watch all of RuPaul’s Drag Race immediately. Seriously, where have you been? If, on the other hand, you immediately said “yasss,” shantay you stay.

Sizes XS to XXL, £24.99, TruffleShuffle.

4) Groot backpack

We did an actual out-loud “awwwww!” when we saw this, which means we must have it immediately. Good timing for the new Avengers movie, too. Squeeeee I just want to hug it.

£55.99 (wince) from EMP.

5) Nokia 6 (2018)

We don’t normally put phones in these roundups, but I’ve been using this for the last few weeks for my TechRadar review, and for the price, it is awesome. I actually have a much more expensive phone in the house and haven’t switched back because I’m pretty happy with this chunky bargain.

Also, not gonna lie, I love having the Nokia ringtone back in my life.

£229 SIM-free, Carphone Warehouse.

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