5 pieces of Star Wars houseware we want this May the Fourth

"I love this" "I know"

Yay, it’s the utterly insufferable and yet somehow still fun May The Fourth! In other words, it’s the 4th of May, so Star Wars nerds (and people who don’t really understand the joke, let’s be honest) amuse themselves by saying “May the fourth be with you” to one another.

We hate to miss a bandwagon, so here’s our roundup of the best Star Wars stuff for your home base right now.

1) Death Star cat bed

OK, so you won’t get it until July, but how could we resist something right at the intersection of nerdery and pet care? That’s our sweet spot.

Your cat will almost certainly never deign to put a paw inside, but it’ll still look sweet in your house. Also good for small woofs, who tend to appreciate this sort of thing more.

£29.99, Merchoid

2) Light-up Lightsaber chopsticks

You know we’re suckers for a good sushi gadget, and this falls right into that category. You can choose from Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader, just don’t cross the streams. Yes, I know that’s the wrong reference, do not tweet me 😛

£19.99 a pair from Firebox

3) TIE Fighter desk lamp

It’s pricey (damn you, licensing) but it’s beautiful. And much more on-brand for interrogating suspected Dark Siders than an anglepoise. See if you can mind-trick them into giving you the £50 while you’re there.

£49.99, TruffleShuffle

4) Stormtrooper decanter and tumbler

Bonus points if you fill them with White Russians so they’re the right colour.

£24.99 for the decanter and £11.99 for the tumbler, TruffleShuffle

5) 16-piece dinner set

I promised myself I wouldn’t put any mugs in this roundup, but I’m letting this one through because 1) it’s a whole set, 2) it’s really nicely designed and 3) I want more than anything to put a sandwich on Vader’s face and growl “Luke, I am your fodder.”

£105, Disney Store (it still weirds me out that Star Wars is Disney now).

May the fourth be with you, nerds.

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