5 things you didn’t know came with Amazon Prime

It's not all about the quick delivery

Everyone’s heard of Amazon Prime, but it’s amazing to me how many people don’t know all the perks you get with it. I’ll mention how I got 2-hour delivery on some beer for a party with Prime, and people go “what? How?!” Or I’ll mention a series I’m marathoning on Prime Video, and people can’t believe they’ve had it available for so long without knowing.

So as a massive Prime enthusiast, I feel it’s my duty to fill you in on all the good stuff you could be getting with Amazon Prime. And if you don’t have it already, I’ve got an Amazon Prime UK free trial offer for you at the end of the post.

1. All 7 seasons of Parks & Rec


And all 9 seasons of Scrubs. And all 4 seasons of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl. And all 8 seasons of Desperate Housewives. 13 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. A tonne of Seinfeld. All of the amazing Catastrophe. 3 seasons of Black-ish. 2 seasons of Gavin & Stacey. All of The Thick of It. Downton Abbey. The Night Manager. Outlander. The Hour. 7 seasons of The Walking Dead. 

And that’s just in the TV section. There are also heaps of free films, including The Big Sick, Eternal Sunshine, Seven, The Great Gatsby, Submarine, Dirty Dancing, The Shining, Goodfellas, Room, Moonlight, Gone Girl, Fight Club, We Need To Talk About Kevin — there are SO MANY great films, you really don’t need to pay to rent one ever again. I’m actually cancelling Netflix after this series of RuPaul’s Drag Race finishes because I’ve got more than enough to watch on Prime Video.

You can watch on your phone/tablet, your smart TV, games console or browser, and you can also download stuff to watch offline later. So you can watch The Girl On The Train… on the train.

2. Emergency ice cream deliveries


As someone who has been known to order takeaway pizza I don’t even want just to get someone to bring Ben & Jerry’s to my house, this is a big one. Prime Now isn’t available everywhere, but if you’re in one of the rapidly-expanding service areas, you can get stuff brought to you within two hours (there’s also a one-hour option for £7.99 if the breakup was that bad).

The Prime Now product range encompasses a ridiculous and quite random selection of stuff, but a big part of it is groceries. I often do my weekly shop on Prime Now, because I don’t have sufficient planning skills to order more than a few hours before I need it. It’s been an absolute lifesaver for impromptu parties: just Prime Now a load of beer, wine and snacks while everyone’s on their way over.

There’s also beauty (including emergency makeup), toiletries, tech, home stuff, kids’ stuff, pet stuff (saved me from running out of cat litter more than once) and so on. It’s pretty hit and miss what’s included, but if you suddenly decide to dye your hair or have lasagne for dinner, it’s probably got you covered.

Deliveries are in two-hour slots, and it’s free for orders over £40. Under that it’s £3.99, which isn’t bad considering they’ll bring it to you in considerably less time than it takes to watch Titanic.

Depending on where you live, there are often other shops’ products available on Prime Now, too — my old office was in range for a big pharmacy and a Whole Foods, and I can get Morrisons deliveries via Prime Now to my flat. This makes my lazy bum very happy indeed.

3. Ad-free Twitch marathons


Bet you forgot Amazon owns Twitch. If you’ve got a Prime subscription, you also get Twitch Prime, which includes ad-free viewing, channel subscriptions, pre-order game discounts and launch-day deliveries, free games and a random selection of loot (characters, skins, vehicles, that kind of thing).

4. Prime-sharing and free books


You don’t have to share an Amazon account with your significant other — you can add them to your Amazon Household and share your Prime benefits that way. They can make use of the free deliveries, Prime Video, and even digital purchases if you choose to share them.

This is mega handy for me because I only read books on my phone (I know, I know) on the Kindle app, and I’m always raving about whichever title I happen to be devouring at the moment. I’ve added my partner’s Amazon account to my Household, so I can share my Kindle books with him in one tap (you do have to do them individually, though). So whenever I read something, my partner gets to read it too — just like passing on a paperback when you’re done with it. Except this way you both get to keep the book.

Also, there are LOADS of free books included with Prime (it’s called Prime Reading), plus every month you can choose one of six editors’ choices of new titles to download for free.

5. Two million tunes


You get heaps of music included with Prime, ad-free, and there are Spotify-style curated playlists to enjoy too. They include things like Jazz For Work, Taylor Swift’s Top Songs, 00s Dance Anthems, Easy Morning and Pop Hits Workout. The free music isn’t rubbish stuff you’ve never heard of either, it includes artists like Dua Lipa, Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry and Kanye.

Get a month’s free Prime trial

£79 is a lot of money, so you want to be sure you’re going to use all the benefits before you sign up. Luckily, I’ve got a free month’s trial of Prime (UK! Sorry international folks) for you even if you already have an Amazon account (and really, who doesn’t?).

Ready to start streaming Scrubs? Get your free trial here.


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