5 things we want to magically materialise at our fingertips this week

Bring me beautiful things, internet

It’s too hot to actually go to the shops, so this is the stuff we’ll be lazily clicking Buy on this week*.

*in our fantasies where we actually have money

1) Air & Grace CARNIVALE shoes

Wear your love of the rainbow on your feet in these stunning trainers. Yes, they are painfully expensive, but you can’t put a price on #pride.

£199, Air & Grace London

2) Batoko swimming costume

Not only do they have swimming costumes with various types of dinosaurs, sharks, lobsters, cockatoos and even bananas, Batoko’s products are a bit special in another way.

“All our swimwear is 100% recycled from plastic bottles, fishnets and post-consumer waste such as carpets and other textiles.”

So as well as feeling cool by the pool, you also get to be smug about your world-saving credentials. Winner.

£40 from Batoko

3) Marie Wolt marble-patterned charging pad

MY EYES. It’s so beautiful.

This jade-and-gold-coloured marble-patterned wireless charging pad uses the Qi standard, so if your phone’s compatible (as many are), you can just whack it on the pad and leave it to power up.

To be honest, we’d buy this even without a wirelessly-chargeable phone. It’s that pretty.

£52.95 from Smartech at Selfridges

4) SILKE hair wrap

In addition to making you look like the alluring doyenne from a 1940s romance film, this sumptuously soft hair wrap looks after your hair while you sleep. It’s easier (and cheaper) than replacing all your pillowcases with silk ones as some people suggest, and it has the added benefit of keeping all your hair products off your linen where they might annoy your skin (yes, mine is sensitive, I am overly aware of these things).

It comes in a billion gorgeous colours, too.

£40 from LookFantastic

5) Ghost leggings

We’re absolute suckers for anything new by the creative powerhouse that is Cakes With Faces’ Amy Crabtree, and these ghostly leggings are no exception. Some of the ghosts even have cat ears, d’awww.

Available in XS to 3XL.

£22 from Cakes With Faces

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