5 more things we want this week

Our money is limited but our needs are endless

It’s a whole new month and our bee-themed office calendar has revealed a particularly handsome bee for August. Meanwhile, we’ve been internet window shopping again, so here are the 5 things we’d click Buy on this week if we didn’t have rent to pay, like August Bee. He lives in the hive for nothing, but then he does get kicked out to die in winter, so it’s not all roses.

1) Tabblue Speaker Table




Modern and smart (in both senses), this wood-topped side table is also a Bluetooth speaker and can charge your phone. It even has a mic so you can do hands-free calls, although there’s something a bit odd about talking to a table, even in this strange day and age.

£170, Prezzybox

2) Galaxy bath bombs

These are right up our alley. A beautiful box of 8 planets and the sun, ready to drop into your bath at a moment’s notice while you relax imagining you’re the ruler of the universe. They promise not to stain your bathtub, and they’ll leave a lovely scent on Uranus.

Sadly currently US-only, $39 from Amazon.com

3) Hello My Name Is necklace

From our friends at Finest Imaginary come these covetable necklaces (also available as a brooch if you prefer). Ideal for conferences and anything where you want people to talk to you, but don’t forget if you wear it out, you may get creeps (sigh).

The main bit is designed for your name with your social media handle underneath, but they’re all hand-lettered so you can ask for something else if you’d prefer.

£40 from Finest Imaginary

4) Modshoes ‘The Marianne’

With the excellent tagline of ‘smart shoes for smart people,’ Modshoes makes beautifully retro-styled footwear collections. Our favourite is easily The Marianne, available in a whole rainbow of colours. We’ll take them all.

£94 from Modshoes

5) JBL Clip 3 waterproof speaker

Another rainbow-hued product, this little Bluetooth speaker is the third generation in the popular JBL clip series. It clips onto whatever you like with a little carabiner, and plays music for up to 10 hours on a charge. It’s also waterproof (IPX7), making it the perfect shower speaker.

£49.99 from JBL

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