8 iPhone cases for the gamer in all of us

A standout iPhone case can make your phone a stylish embodiment of your personality and hobbies, a refreshing change of pace from the dull plainness of many iPhone cases.

Geeks are fortunate that there’s an abundance of iPhone cases for gamers, encompassing a variety of gaming systems, franchises and cultural staples.

Here are some of the most striking iPhone cases for the gamer in all of us.

1. Breath of the Wild iPhone case

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a fairly unanimous choice for 2017’s best game. The action-adventure game merged Zelda nostalgia with cutting-edge technology to present an open world full of memorable characters and enemies.

This iPhone case from Etsy seller BluePotionCo captures the wonderful world of Breath of the Wild, with cut versions of its various characters, including friendly faces from the Gerudo, Goron and Korok.

2. Legend of Zelda iPhone case

If you’re a big Zelda franchise fan but more partial to the series as a whole instead of one game, you’ll be excited to see this Legend of Zelda iPhone case from Etsy seller CreativeCase28, which features a beautiful picture of Link atop a mountain.

This case is decidedly less cute and eye-popping than the Breath of the Wild case, though it certainly touts the scope and tone of the series well.

3. Gameboy iPhone case


The Gameboy iPhone case from Etsy seller TheCaseCove looks like a spot-on replica from the phone’s back. Made from lightweight, glossy polycarbonate plastic, the case provides full access to all buttons and ports while still looking like your favourite portable piece of nostalgia. Plus, you can order a custom version that features a screenshot of a specific game on the screen, from Tetris to Super Mario. Amazing.

5. Gamevice iPhone case

Whether or not you consider Gamevice a controller, a case or a mixture of both, there’s no doubting that it’s a cool gadget for iPhone users. The cover takes mobile gaming to the next level, helping provide an experience more reminiscent of a console with more intuitive, hands-on controls.

There are presently over 650 games that support the device, with gaming apps supported as well.

5. NES controller iPhone case

Another classic gaming controller favourite, this Nintendo controller brings back fond gaming memories for many. The NES iPhone case from Etsy seller WhatzApparel looks very real in being reflective of a classic Nintendo controller, to the point that you’ll be tempted to bust out the old system and play some of your favourites.

6. Real(ish) Gameboy iPhone case

If mere artistic reflections of gaming consoles aren’t enough for you, consider a case that turns your iPhone into an actual (VERY UNOFFICIAL) Game Boy. From maker Wanle, it includes 10 classic games, like Tetris, Snake, Formula One Racing and Block. You may never use your actual iPhone again.

7. Nintendo iPhone case

Retailing for £18.00, this Nintendo Glitter case from Skinnydip London shines with effervescence. It’s sure to outshine the majority of cases while also showcasing your gaming spirit.

8. Half-Life iPhone case

The Half-Life franchise is one that is treasured by a ton of gamers, who continue to wait with bated breath for Half-Life 3. In the meantime, iPhone users can flaunt their fandom for the series with this sleek visual representation of the Half-Life logo.

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