Review: Foreo Issa 2, the sonic toothbrush that lasts a year on one charge

(Badly-drawn cape not included)

I love a good sonic toothbrush, and while I’ve been pretty happy with my Philips Sonicare, the brilliant people at Foreo (them of the face UFO) turned my head with their brightly-coloured silicone sonics. I’ll take any excuse to brighten up my bathroom, and the design of the Issa 2 sonic toothbrush was too beautiful to resist.

But a toothbrush has to be a lot more than looks. So how does the Foreo Issa 2 perform?

A brush with greatness

I have the Pearl Pink version of the Issa 2, and on first sight I will admit I thought it looked more like something you’d find at Ann Summers than in the toothbrush aisle. In fact, this is true of many of Foreo’s products – check out the Iris:

It’s an eye massager, but good luck convincing airport security of that.

This is less of a problem with the non-pink versions, so if it concerns you, just go for Cobalt Blue, Mint or Cool Black instead.

In the box, you get the toothbrush, an info booklet, USB charging cable, sleek travel pouch and a little scratchcard for registering your product (the pink circular thing).

You’ll need to charge the brush up before you use it for the first time, but that’ll be it for a long time. I’ve had mine for three months now and it’s still going on its original charge, whereas I had to charge the Sonicare about once a week. Foreo say the charge should last a year — A YEAR — by which time I will definitely have lost the cable. But it’s just a standard one, so easy enough to replace.

The soft silicone coating on the Issa 2 makes it very comfortable to hold, and it’s also pleasantly ergonomic: reaching the troublesome back teeth is made easier by its gently curved neck. The brush head itself has soft silicone bristles surrounding more traditional white ones in the middle. That combination makes it easy to brush both teeth and gums without discomfort, even for a sensitive-tooth-haver like me (there is a sensitive edition too, but my standard one’s been fine for me).

The brush head pulls off easily, and so far I’ve seen none of the gross brown gunk that often builds up around the bottom of other brands’ removable brush heads. Each head lasts for six months, so like the charging, you don’t have to worry about it nearly as often as with other brands.

Front and back

The Issa 2 is refreshingly simple in design. The front of the toothbrush has a small indented ‘on’ button that’s easy to find without looking, and above and below that are the plus and minus buttons that control how much vibration you’d like.

I’ve experimented a fair bit with the vibration speeds, and while I feel like I get a really good clean with even the lowest speed, my preference is somewhere in the middle. I’ve got a slightly loose filling, and I could feel it too much on the higher settings (yes, yes, I will go to the dentist, mum).

On the back of the head is a ridged silicone tongue cleaner, and the little covered flap for charging at the bottom (it has to be covered to maintain the waterproofing, so don’t tear the plug off it or anything).

The clear bottom of the Issa 2 lights up when it’s on charge (quick flashing for charging, which takes an hour, and a slower glow when it’s done. When it needs charging, it’ll flash again). And that’s it, really: it’s no more complex than it needs to be, and I appreciate that.

Anecdotally, I’ve definitely noticed a cleaner feeling on my teeth and gums after using this compared with cheaper brushes (I really didn’t get on well with Quip, for instance), and I enjoy using the brush. It’s comfortable, easy, and doesn’t get all needy with brush changes and recharges.

In short, it’s a low-maintenance sonic toothbrush for busy people, and I love it.

The Foreo Issa 2 is available directly from Foreo for £149, but it’s often on sale for less at John Lewis and Amazon, so keep an eye (tooth) out.

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