This engagement ring box has a built-in camera to capture their reaction

Say yes to good ideas

From the Land of Genius Ideas comes something we can’t believe we didn’t think of first: an engagement ring box with a built-in video camera, so you can get that once-in-a-lifetime video of their face when you pop the question.

This has two obvious benefits:

  1. You don’t have to rope in a random/unreliable mate to try and get a shakycam video of the big event
  2. You get a really good angle on their face, so you can see the moment it dawns on them what’s about to happen


Here it is in action:

In addition to being a really good idea, it’s clear the British company behind the Engagement Cam has really thought their business through. The box is sent in unbranded packaging (you’d be surprised how often surprises are blown at this stage!), there’s a whole guide to how to practise and get the right angle from a knee/a table, and since it’s pretty pricey, there are also options to just rent the box. Smart.

Pricey, you say?

It might not seem like much after you’ve dropped stacks of cash on a ring (if that’s your style. Personally I’d prefer a space diamond), but buying the Engagement Cam outright will cost you £400.

Not cheap, but the boxes are hand-made in the UK and it’s a pretty new business at the moment. It might come down later when the idea’s taken off and the boxes can be produced en masse.

Still, getting on the trend early means your friends, family and proposee likely won’t have seen one before, and will think you’re some kind of forward-thinking genius. Which of course you are.

If you’d prefer to just rent the box (surely no one intends to get engaged more than once!), that halves the price to £200. If after it all goes beautifully, you decide to keep the box, you can just make up the difference and then it’s yours.

There are also lots of options for extending how long you have the box in case it rains on your chosen day, or your mate gets engaged at the event you were going to use, or you chicken out the first time!

Why record your proposal?

Asking the one you love to marry you is a huge moment you’ll want to remember forever. But like all huge moments, it’ll come with a lot of nerves, and will probably pass in an excited blur of butterflies.

This way, you get to re-watch that magical moment any time you like, from your point of view. You can show your eventual kids, or – let’s be real here – put it on Instagram for bazillions of likes. Because you know it’ll get them.

Even if it all goes south and they say no, you’ve got YouTube viral gold on your hands.

How does it all work?

The box measures 6 x 6 x 5cm. So it’s about the same size as a regular engagement ring box, but obviously bear in mind it’s not going to fit in your skinniest jeans.

On the back of the box is a one-touch recording button, and some LEDs. When it’s fully charged (obviously make sure you’ve got it charged up before proposing!!!), the two LEDs on the back will light up.

There’s a separate red LED for recording, so check that’s flashing before you get down on one knee.

The camera takes 1080p HD footage with a 120-degree wide angle, so as long as you remember to tilt it towards their face (practise makes perfect, though obviously not with the proposee themselves!), you should get a gorgeous video. There’s also a microphone so you can hear the inevitable squeals.

If you’re not a massive fan of video editing (is anyone?), the company also offers a Trim & Tidy service you can use for a polished, ready-to-share video.

I do

If you’re a) as convinced as I am that this is a great idea, and b) actually intending on proposing to someone, current stock of the Engagement Cam is pretty limited (remember I said they’re handmade?), so get on it.

You can rent or buy, or just find out more, at the Engagement Cam website.

Fingers crossed for a yes!

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