The Amazon ‘Home of Black Friday’ popup is a Christmassy party of festive freebies

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This article is sponsored by our friends at Amazon UK, the Home of Black Friday.

I unashamedly embrace most annual holidays (except Blue Monday, Blue Monday can get in the bin), including Halloween, Christmas, and now that it’s a thing here, Black Friday.

Amazon has been pioneering Black Friday in the UK, which has made some people grumpy, but honestly how is it a bad thing to have a sale before Christmas for a change? The people moaning about it are often the same ones who’ll complain that the Christmas present they bought their dog was cheaper the week after Christmas, so… doesn’t this redress the balance?

Amazon UK invited me to their Home of Black Friday popup in Shoreditch, and honestly I was blown away. Partly because I’d somehow convinced myself it was in Boxpark and was therefore expecting something the size of a shipping container, whereas it is actually massive. There are rooms off rooms off rooms.

Located at 3-10 Shoreditch High Street, just a quick dash across the road from Liverpool Street Station, the Home of Black Friday popup has tonnes of Amazon stuff to play with, free treatments, gigs (Sophie Ellis-Bextor was on tonight), workshops, and so much Christmas cheer that I saw the actual Grinch leaving with a goody bag.

Here’s some of the stuff I saw on my visit.

Here’s how you know you’re in the right place


There’s a big swing shaped like the logo in the window (yes, I went on it)


There’s an intensely festive room with snowfall and a disco ball, soundtracked with Christmas songs by Alexa


Amazon’s partnered with a load of cool brands including Lego…


…and PlayStation, so you can try out their new stuff for Christmas 2018. Astro Bot for PSVR looks AMAZING btw


Rocket League on the big screen


The beauty section! Oh yes.


Getting my unbelievably short nails painted all fancy (it’s free)


You can get your beard or moustache groomed by the lovely chaps from Mo Bros. Sadly mine isn’t long enough


See you in 5 hours 


The Prime Now screening room, where you can chill and watch Prime Video stuff for basically ever


The Amazon Lockers game, where you pick a number and sometimes a locker opens with a prize inside!


Tweet on the hashtag and you get a free drink. A very *merry* Christmas!

If you’re down Shoreditch way and fancy some Christmas joy, do stop in. There are games; loads of chances to win stuff; free hair, nail and beard treatments; workshops from Amazon Handmade sellers; free drinks; snow and Christmas tunes. It’s open all through Black Friday weekend (until the 25th of November), just drop in.

I’ll see you in the snowy Alexa room, because I basically live there now.

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